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    About us

    The AIOM Team

    Get to know the All in One Marketing team!

    Damien Ellis
    Managing Director

    Damien has over twenty years of experience in both corporate branding and events merchandising. In his role as Managing Director, he utilises his large network of contacts to source the best branded products for each individual brief. He thoroughly enjoys his work and gets a thrill out of building bespoke projects from scratch. His favourite part of the job is events management, he particularly enjoys meeting and interacting with the public during these events. Damien’s hobbies include rugby and football.

    Finance & Operations Director

    James oversees the legal, financial and operational sides of the business. He has also taken on the post of office handyman due to his love for DIY! He makes time to work on other business opportunities whenever he can. James is highly skilled in the finances sector, with some notable experience as Chief Financial Officer at XTX Markets and European Head of Finance at GETCO. Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his family at his home in the Chilterns.

    Amaka Eiremiokhae

    Amaka Eiremiokhae

    Senior Account Manager

    Experienced account manager with a proven track record. With over 13 years of experience in experiential marketing, brand management, B2B marketing, account management, and stakeholder management, Amaka has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her portfolio boasts a wide range of brands, from small startups to global corporations.

    Trust Amaka to deliver results and drive success for your business.

    Vitali Photo
    Vitalijus Glotovas
    Digital Markering Manager

    Vitalijus is in charge of digital marketing. Vitalijus plays the role of the office’s computer whiz and loves remaining up to date with all the latest tech trends. He loves the symbiosis between improving technology and digital marketing techniques, and the benefits it can provide. To him, marketing and philosophy are two sides of the same coin.

    Ashleigh Reid

    Ashleigh Reid

    Office Manager

    Over the years, Ashleigh has gained extensive experience in the Hotel and Catering Industry. From March 2009 to August 2020, she was self-employed and during that time, she immersed herself in Hotel Recruitment and Consulting as the owner of an International Recruitment Franchise based in Johannesburg.
    While Ashleigh possesses strong administrative skills, she also possesses vibrant creativity and truly enjoys designing costumes and managing a bustling store. With a charismatic and outgoing personality, Ashleigh excels in customer service and approaches life with an enthusiastic go-getter attitude.