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    Branded Christmas Jumpers: Soaring Demand, Declining Supply

    As winter draws ever closer, businesses are already hard at work on their festive promotional efforts. The most powerful of all the Christmas promotional tools are undoubtedly branded Christmas jumpers.

    Research undertaken by George at Asda in 2016 found that 12.3 million Brits will wear a novelty jumper on Christmas day. That number is likely to have only risen in the years since considering the product’s soaring popularity. The Christmas jumper craze shows absolutely no signs of stopping. 

    Promotional Christmas jumpers are some of the most sought-after pieces of merchandise by consumers. The vast majority of brands now partake in the practice themselves. You need only to look to see the huge variety of branded Christmas jumpers available both in stores and online. From gaming to drinks brands and even supermarket chains, all manner of companies are taking advantage of this opportunity and throwing their proverbial hat into the ring.

    The message is clear: The demand for Christmas jumpers is there, and it’s massive. In addition, most Christmas jumpers are worn by 18-40-year-olds, and our research shows that this demographic is far more likely to keep branded merchandise for a very long time.

    This means that jumpers produced this year may even be worn again next year – providing your design is strong enough. This is something that we can help with! Our team of experienced designers will be more than happy to help bring your idea to life.

    If you’re considering using promotional Christmas jumpers this year, then be sure to act fast! Supply is set to dwindle as the holidays arrive. Now is the time to get started, ensuring your products can be completed and delivered in time for the holidays. Contact us now!