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    Mailing Services

    Mailing Services- Something to look into?

    The idea that we live in a “digital age” has very much been publicised. But this does not mean we should turn away from Mailing Services. It would be understandable to think Mail Services is ‘unfashionable’ and not ‘up-to-date’ but numerous statistics have proven otherwise!

    According to UK Statistics, 9 out of 10 people open their Direct Mail with many customers deleting their emails without even reading them. It’s therefore not surprising that the typical response rate is 6.5% for Direct Mail methods, compared to 0.12% for email broadcasts. With this in mind, our products such as personalised envelopes would be perfect for your company to ensure products are advertised. With another interesting statistic of 48% of customers believing that information is easier to take in via direct mail; you will also be confidently assured that Mail Services will enable your company a clearer, more professional approach.

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