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    Marketing on clothing: Autumn banner

    Marketing on Clothing: Autumn

    Promotional clothing is always a popular choice when marketing a brand. Having your branding worn around town places it directly in the view of potential customers. If your promotional clothing is stylish, comfortable, and appropriate for the season, it will be thoroughly appreciated.

    This creates a conundrum: How exactly would a business go about making the most of their promotional clothing this Autumn? Whether it’s work clothing or public gifts, it is integral to stay season-appropriate.

    Which clothing products are the best investment for Autumn?

    The public is unlikely to want to wear a pair of shorts in October, so make sure your products are ones that will actually get some use! Scarves and gloves are a solid choice as people begin to wrap up warmer – although keep in mind that many will remove them when heading inside.

    Comfortable sweatshirts and hoodies are an ideal choice. Not only will they often be kept on indoors, but they are also some of the most popular clothing items available, and hoodies often remain a part of people’s wardrobe’s all year round.

    What is your target demographic?

    Ensure that you are fully aware of which specific audience you are marketing to – when it comes to clothing, marketing to everybody often means marketing to nobody. According to our survey, the 18-24 age group is most likely to keep branded clothing by a rather significant margin.

    This range can be expanded to the 18-34 demographic, which together comprises the majority of people who keep branded clothing. Depending on your business, targeting the young with your promotional clothing could pay good dividends.

    Should you use seasonal designs?

    Autumn merchandise provides the opportunity to use specific seasonal designs such as autumn leaves or Halloween. Seasonal designs such as this immediately make your brand feel fresh and current and will encourage recipients of your merch to wear it is still relevant.

    The catch is simply that the season will pass. If your seasonal design is too specific recipients will largely stop wearing your merchandise (and stop advertising your brand.) This is not set in stone, however. If your design is strong and your merchandise is stylish recipients will be happy to wear it for a long time regardless.

    Do you have an in-house designer?

    Make sure that your merchandise is stylish and likely to catch the eye of onlookers! Design is king in promotional clothing.

    Don’t have a designer? No problem. Speak to our team of professionals, who can provide advice and tips on how to get the most out of your investment.