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    Designing promotional wrapping paper

    Designing Promotional Wrapping Paper

    There are certain constants when it comes to Christmas. Family, food and music come quickly to mind, but perhaps nothing is more prevalent than the presents. Presents are one of the first things that many will prepare for the festive season – presents, and wrapping paper that will cover them! Everybody wants their gifts to look as special as possible come the big day, and so their choice of wrapping paper is an important one. If you’re looking for a way of keeping your brand on the brain this Christmas, promotional wrapping paper is the obvious choice.

    High-quality, visually appealing paper is sure to see plenty of use from recipients. Adorning such paper with your logo or branding will create an invaluable association between your brand and the joy of Christmas day! The most important asterisk comes with ensuring that your bespoke wrapping paper is sufficiently well designed.

    Keep in mind each element of your promotional wrapping paper. Colours and patterns are the basis of creating a striking design. Additionally, paper thickness and ornamentation will help give your design the unique flair it needs. Once the general paper has been designed it’s time for your chosen branding! Whether you select an existing logo or create something new, try not to overpower the design. Your branding should complement the Christmas-y feel, not dominate it!

    At All In One Merchandise we offer support throughout the design process. No matter how much assistance you may require, our team of designers are on hand to help. We strive to help you get the most out of your promotional efforts. Soon it will be too late to prepare your Christmas campaigns, so act now! Contact us today!