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Free Telemarketing Trial for September


Free Telemarketing Trial for September

For the month of September we are offering a free telemarketing trial of 100 calls that fall into the following telemarketing applications:Lead Generation,Data Capture,Fact Finding & Research, Survey, Email Follow Up,Data Cleansing,Brand Awareness and Telephone Sales.On a detail, the free trial will be up to 100 records. We will try up to 2 times to make contact with the decision maker, relevant person and carry out the brief.You must supply a brief which will take into account that call durations will be no longer that 2-3 minutes in length. You must provide your own data which will be in excel format. If you want to confirm, you will simply need to give the go ahead by August 31st and the free trial needs to be carried by September 30th, it’s that easy and no strings attached, the trial is absolutely free.

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